Taonius Cockatoo Squid

Taonius Cockatoo Squid (Taonius borealis)

This curious Cockatoo Squid (Taonius borealis) inspected ROPOS’ camera. Photo credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; V13

The Cockatoo Squid is a deep sea member of the glass squids, found in the waters above Axial Seamount. These squid have sac-like bodies filled with ammonia to aid in their buoyancy. They also have a mass of tentacles above their heads that resemble a cockatiel’s crest, the basis of this squid’s common name. The Cockatoo Squid has large eyes that are capable of moving from a forward looking direction to either side of its head. Special light-emitting cells called photophores located under their eyes help the squid to be camouflaged by canceling out its silhouette. Cockatoo Squid can grow to 50cm (19.7in).