Pom Pom Anemone

Pom Pom Anemone (Liponema brevicornis)

A Pom Pom anemone at the Slope Base site. Credit: UW/NSF-OOI/WHOI; V21.

The Pom Pom Anemone actually looks like a pom pom. It has a circular or oblong shaped body and is covered with many short tentacles shaped in a whorl formation. The anemone does not attach to any substrate, and it has the ability to roll along the sea floor like tumbleweed because ocean currents propel it. The Pom Pom Anemone’s diet usually consists of plankton, krill, small crustaceans, and other organic particles; it is also a predator and a scavenger.

Marine Life Field Guide (Neptune Canada)