Portal version 3.3.0 released

  • ☑️Parts of the codebase used an older version of the instrument catalog endpoint (https://api-development.ooica.net/metadata/get_instruments_catalog). This release updates the files using the older version of the instrument catalog to use ‘/metadata/instruments’ or ’/metadata/instruments/{refdes}.
  • ♻️ This release adds the same cloud and streaming icons to the popup sidebar on MapDetails for each instrument listed.
  • 📆 Per feedback from the teacher workshop on March 5, the date button group confused teachers as to their functionality. The release adjust the syntax and position of date buttons on TraceForm so users get a better understanding of its functionality.
  • 🟢 UW APL provided us with an endpoint from Nereus that displays instrument and infrastructure status information. This release sees the status information back on the map and visualization pages on the portal.
  • 📝 The plot style tab form will re-adjust to different page sizes now. Before, it stayed a certain size and look weird on different pages and browsers.
  • 📆 The date/time calendar popup on TraceForm has set positions to prevent any weird movements for users.
  • 🌎 The issue of overlapping icons on the map is solved since the icons are opaque and uniform between the entire portal. Now, the portal uses svg icons and the map is using sprites which are svg icons loaded into Mapbox studio.