Lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus)

A lingcod resting on the seafloor next to the hydrophone cable at the Oregon Shelf (80m) site. Photo Credit: NSF/UW/CSSF, Dive R1801, V14

Lingcod are endemic to the North American west coast and have been observed up to a size of 152 cm (60 in) and a weight of 130 pounds. They are spotted and come in varying shades of brown and gray. They resemble ling and cod, but are not closely related to either type of fish. Lingcod are often found on the seafloor at the Oregon Shelf site (80 meters depth), which is towards the deeper end of their range, frequently occupying rocky areas or sitting on the OOI equipment. They are voracious predators, feeding on anything smaller than themselves, including invertebrates and many species of fish. Lingcod that reach adult size have few predators, but are an important food source for sea lions and harbor seals (and are a prized food fish for humans).