Sablefish (aka Black Cod)

Sablefish (Anoploma fimbria)

A school of black cod inspect the Deep Profiler vehicle at the Oregon Offshore Site. Credit: UW/NSF-OOI/WHOI’ V19.

Sablefish (also known as Black Cod) are grey in color with two dorsal fins and a broad round head. They are common throughout the North Pacific and are commercially important to the Japanese fishing industry. Sablefish range from 30 cm to 61 cm in length. They can live up to 90 years with one fish having been documented living 94 years. They are opportunistic feeders and prey on other fish, squid, jellies, and euphausiids. Large schools of sablefish are often seen in the water column and on the seafloor at 580 m at the Oregon Offshore site. They are often found in deep-sea areas with muddy seabeds.

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