ROV Dunk Test

The installation of Segment 7 went fine overnight. By noon it was over, the cable end is now sitting at a water depth of about 1,500m, it has been tested and all results are satisfactory. It is time to head back towards shore to perform of Pre Lay Grapnel Run (or PLGR). But before sailing back east, we the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team calls out a quick dunk test… This will be the first maneuver of the ROV so far. Up and down it goes from its massive A-frame on the upper deck of the CS Dependable. The test is no more than a half hour and off we go towards shore.We have about a day of transit in front of us.

—–Cecile Durand, the OOI Regional Scale Nodes Marine Maintenance Manager at the University of Washington, from aboard the TE SubCom Dependable