End of Leg 1 Start of Leg 2

Greetings from Newport, Oregon! After a very full and productive first Leg, we arrived in port yesterday right on time at 1000 and were busy almost as soon as we hit the dock. The ship is currently a hive of activity as more instruments and cables are being loaded onto the ship, as well as two 9000 ft tall deep profiling moorings, and a large winch to install the moorings.We are also switching out much of our science personnel, with a new science-engineer-education party coming aboard later this afternoon. While it is nice to step on land for a few hours, everyone is eager to get back out to sea and back to work!

Stay tuned…We sail tomorrow morning on the 1st of August for Leg 2 of the VISIONS ’14 Cruise to continue the NSF_OOI Cabled Observatory Installation at the base of the continental margin off of Newport Oregon, and at the base of Axial Seamount.