Off We Go Again

The R/V Revelle departed Newport, Oregon at 1028 for the Oregon Offshore Site to turn instrument packages on the Shallow Profiler Mooring. This is the first year the UW-NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Regional Cabled Array cruises have left from Newport, not Seattle. The team has been incredibly busy this past few weeks packing and shipping all of our gear to the Logistics Facility, run by Larry Nielson, the Logistics Manager for the Cabled Array team. Larry is a phenomenal resource and team member: an immense help to us. He leads the mobilization efforts, insuring all gear is ready to be loaded safely onto the ship and keeps track of hundreds of pieces of gear big and small. For this cruise this effort included the arrival of several 48 ft long fully loaded trucks, several other flatbeds, a shore crane, and endless baskets of gear. He is the go-to person whenever an engineer or scientist needs something onshore critical to the mission. We much appreciate his help and dedication.

Mobilization initiated on July 25th, with the arrival of the shore crane. The heavy lifts included loading a 20 ft van, six shallow profiler instrument “pods” and three junction boxes. The deck, main lab, and analytical labs on the ship are packed to the gills with everything tied down. We are anxious to get to the worksite for our first Jason dive, with arrival scheduled for ~ 1500. It will be great to be in the water again and working.