Testing the OOI Primary Node

Deployment and recovery tests of an OOI primary node are among the major activities scheduled during Leg 1 of the VISIONS '11 cruise. The node frame and the internal "brains" of the node have been loaded onboard the Thompson at the UW dock in Seattle by contractor and manufacturer L3-Maripro. The "brains" are called the Backbone Interface Assembly (BIA) and the Science Interface Assembly (SIA) and are housed together as one unit.

As science and ship crew members were busy coming and going over the gangplank while loading supplies and gear, an area on the fantail was roped off for safety reasons. Here initial testing of tension on the wire was conducted while the ship was docked. The node frame was lifted up, lowered off the fantail, and then recovered, as shown in accompanying photos.

During Leg 1, the ROPOS ROV will be used to conduct the deployment tests of the frame, the test installation of the BIA and SIA, and recovery of both node components.