Portal version 3.3.8 released

🐜 Fixes the modebar color so they do not look disabled.
🐜 Linting fixes such as adding commas and removing unnecessary spaces.
✔️ Updates the instrument filter so that the cards are filtered through the API with area, infrastructure, and instrument queries instead of called the instrument API with just the area and then filtering.
🤖 Adding Dependa[bot] to io2_portal’s GitHub Actions to ensure that any dependencies that affect GA will be automatically updated. This helps the project stay current with the necessary dependencies used with GitHub Actions.
📂 Update the set-output Github Actions call on the GitHub yml files to utilize the new syntax. This blog shows the changes to update the yml files: ([https://github.blog/changelog/2022-10-11-github-actions-deprecating-save-state-and-set-output-commands/])