Biology at the Cabled Array

Cataloging the Inhabitants Along the OOI Cabled Array

The National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative (NSF-OOI) has installed a network of instruments, undersea cables, instrumented moorings, and more technology that spans the Western Hemisphere. The Cabled Array monitors a wide range of sites across the Juan de Fuca Plate, including Axial Seamount, Southern Hydrate Ridge, Slope Base, and overlaps with the Coastal Endurance Array along the Oregon shelf.  The Biology at OOI Cabled Array Catalog has high definition video and photos that provide spectacular views of the biology found living at these sites. View the information, images and video related to the many different biological organisms that have been observed over the years of Cabled Array expedition cruises.

This catalog is designed as a growing archive. We hope that knowledgeable individuals will help to improve the quality of the information presented here. Have an addition or revision? Get in touch via our Contact Page.

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Biology at Axial Seamount

Axial Seamount is the most volcanically active deep-sea volcano on the Juan de Fuca spreading ridge having erupted in 1998, 2011, and again in 2015. It also hosts numerous vigorously venting hydrothermal vent fields.

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