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From Grays Harbor College to VISIONS16

I have had the good fortune to participate on the OOI VISIONS expeditions since 2013. VISIONS13 was the eye-opener.  I had never been “out to sea” so to speak, except for single day sports fishing for salmon and or bottom fish i

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Leg 2 of VISIONS16 Comes to an End

During the 20 hour transit from Slope Base, those who could used the time to catch up on some much needed sleep and to conduct final preparations for what will be an intense few days with seven Jason dives planned.

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Southern Hydrate Ridge Work Complete

Our eyes have been on the weather since leaving dropping he RAPP winch technician in Newport Oregon by small boat. Winds and seas are expected to build and so we are working hard on getting operations completed at Southern Hydrate Ridge.

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All Leg 1 Objectives Complete

Since our ‘weather day’, the crew onboard the R/V Sikuliaq have been extremely busy with operations running around-the-clock. Our time at sea is a once-a-year opportunity we have to conduct the annual maintenance of infrastructure an

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Angry Seas in the NE Pacific

The NE Pacific weather goddess was not kind to us the past ~24 hrs. In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, we began a 20 hour transit under angry seas to the Slope Base site, ~ 80 km west of Newport Oregon. With five Jason dives, the team wa

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Heading to Axial Seamount V16

With excitement and under misty Seattle skies, the UW engineering and science team on the R/V Sikuliaq pulled away from the School of Oceanography dock at 0800 to begin the VISIONS’16 expedition. This cruise is the second Operatio

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