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Erin Haphey’s Blog

The most incredible thing happened on the 5th, right after dinner. I went outside to read Jurassic Park on the bow. It was cloudy and rather dull, but not very cold.

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Malea Sauls Blog

In the past twenty-four hours I feel like I have been incredibly productive, probably the most productive I have been in a single day on this ship. I worked from late on the 31st

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Cole Rogers’ Blog

We were on a weather hold again today when I woke up for my watch, which persisted into the afternoon. ROPOS was going to be deploying a BEP and recovering an old one.

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Kearstin Williams Blog

I feel like I haven’t tried to shake it up in a while with any poems, haikus, or other types of writing, so today I’m going to try and write as if this blog post was a postcard.

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Alex Jamshedi’s Blog

The past two days have been hectic for the APL engineers. A deep profiler was sent out the morning of the 27th. As usual ROPOS was sent down to the seafloor

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Khadijah Homolkas Blog

I am very excited to be on watch during a live dive and see the live feed that ROPOS will be streaming. ROPOS is such an amazing piece of technology, and I feel very privileged to be able to log ROPOS dives as the vehicle descends…

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Jessie Hilds Blog

We ran two CTDS this morning and all the students helped to collect samples because there was a lot of them. After we hosed off the CTD and rigged it back up, I went into the lab and helped Brendan analyze pH samples. He is a great resource and

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Jessica Noes Blog

Thank you.
Thank you to everyone. Thank you for gifting me the adventure of a lifetime, thank you for sharing your stories and helping me build some of my own.

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