Charles Garcia

I am a senior in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. I got my first taste of research in a computational modeling lab. One of the main problems I ran into was the low resolution of data gathered by oceanographic cruises. Ocean data is often collected at temporal and spatial scales greater than those of the biological-chemical-physical processes that we try to model. I was drawn to OOI-RSN as a future source of continuous, high resolution data. My interest evolved over time to include the vision, infrastructure, and technology of the program. Now in addition to doing computational research, I am also working with the student led ERIS observatory on Portage Bay, the heavily urbanized freshwater canal that abuts the oceanographic department’s dock. My goal is to work in the fields of computational modeling and applied ocean science to develop new techniques that take advantage of the high resolution data soon to be supplied by OOI-RSN and the future global network of ocean observatories.