Day 4

August 22nd, 2011 — Day 4 — I had my first watch today is a logger for ROPOS dive 1465 from 0000-0400. My job as a logger was to photograph and make log entries into a computer based log system called IRLS. It was pretty intense because I had to take photographs on one computer with my left hand and make log entries on another computer with my right hand. At 0200 there was a problem with the ROPOS hydraulic tank and they had to cancel dive 1465 and bring ROPOS back to fix it. It took about an hour for ROPOS to ascend from about 1600m depth and was brought on board at around 0300. It took a couple hours to fix and ROPOS was back in the water around 0500 on dive 1466 to continue the cable survey. Later in the evening, I got to look at a nice sunset for the first time we've been under way since its been overcast skies until today.