Day Eight

Day Eight

Really a great day, early on in my shift, John Delaney came in and said to me that they were going to deploy the small orange boat again this morning, and who hasn’t ridden in it yet, there are two seats? He asked me how shall we decide who goes and I responded, “well I haven’t had the best of luck with pulling strings, but I don’t have another suggestion of how else to choose”.

So it was between Brendon, Dustin, and myself; and two can go. A little later, Brendon, Dustin, walked into the ROPOS room with John Delaney; and of course John was holding three strings. We all picked one, Brendon got the longest one. Then, John Delaney said “well turns out there are three spots so you all can go”. Excited, I ran and pulled on the yellow sailing pants that I was barrowing from my mom as well as my jacket.

Finally in life vest and hard hat I waited to board the small boat. Ed was taking pictures of the three explorers. And off we go!
It was short, but fun.

Finished the chlorophyll filtering- this time without any ‘I Love Lucy’ moments!!!

We had a lovely BBQ on the fantail, finishing off with trying to fit as many people possible in a large cage as the photographers scaled up to a height in which they could fit everyone into the picture! It was a great time!!