Day Five

During my shift today, I was able to partake in a survey of the new lava on and within the Axial Caldera. I was able to see and document lava whorls, lava pillars and arcs. Later after my shift, I saw an amazing structure of lava pillars, which appeared like the ruins of some magnificent ancient city.

This afternoon, I helped Dr. Cody with his sensorbots- taking them appart, reprograming the software, and putting them back together again.

After dinner this evening, we witnessed a hydrothermal vent site, a 'snow plower', that was truely spectacular. The bacterial mat growing within the structure spilled out with the hot fluids like confetti with an appearance of coconut meat. I was so lucky to witness this hydrothermal vent on my first cruise; later Dr. Deb Kelley told Martha and I that it is one of, if not the best, hydrothermal vent sites she has seen!!

Next stop- ASHES vent field!