Day Four

Finally my first real shift!! My task was to work with the IRLS/Stills. It was really fascinating- I was able to practice identifying different lava types and take a bunch of pictures – which I tend to do on my spare time anyways- but these pictures were taken by the camera off ROPOS. During my four hour shift, I was able to see octopi, skates (they kind of look like sting rays), jellyfishes (even the bioluminescent kind), and other creatures!!! Also during my shift I discovered fellow Doctor Who fans and that some of the ROPOS crew listen to Flight of the Concords.
Later, I helped with recording our coordinates every 10 minutes and finding the distances from our destination in the caldera using COVE.
After dinner, I helped Tim build a camera tripod that will be with ROPOS in a few days. Cody (Youngbull) came later to help too. Where I later learned from the two the phrase “Con Cuidado Bro!”
A very fabulous day indeed!