Day Six

Day Six

It has been really cool hearing people on land calling in with questions about what we are seeing with ROPOS. Kind of surreal in how many people are in tuned to what we are doing out here. It is so fabulous to see that this cruise is reaching such a large audience. 

This morning, I helped recover a CTD equiped with lifevest and hardhat.

I finally was able to see ROPOS enter the water!!! Earlier dives, I wasn't able to watch it because it was during my shift. It was great, I went to see it from the deck on the second story, looking directly down at it.

Earlier, the undergrads pulled strings to see who could go into the small boat to see ROPOS enter the water. So Audrey won, and was able to watch it from the small motor boat.

Later that night, I saw ASHES vent field from the ROPOS room!!!!! It was spectacular!