Deep Profiling Mooring V16

The Deep Profiler vertical mooring hosts an instrumented, Mclane profiler modified by the UW Applied Physics Laboratory that measures ocean properties from ~2900 m to ~ 200 m water depth. Power and data transfer are provided via an inductive couple. The following instruments are included on the Deep Profiler: CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, 3-D Single Point Current Meter -Temperature, and Fluorometers (CDOM, Chlorophyll-a, Optical Backscatter).

There are three Deep Profiler Vertical Moorings on the Cabled Array that were installed in 2015. They are each paired with a Shallow Profiler Mooring and a Seafloor Instrument Array. They are installed at the base of the Cascadia Margin (Slope Base -PN1A), in shallower waters along the Oregon margin west of Newport (Endurance Array Offshore Site  – 600 m), and at the base of Axial Seamount near PN3A (~2700 m).