Entry 11

Today and yesterday were very full days. Yesterday, I listened to two talks given by different professors. Both of them were really interesting, and would have normally given a talk like that to hundreds of people, instead of me and 6 or 7 other undergrads. The first talk was given by Tim Crone, a professor at Columbia. He was one of the first people to successfully measure the flow of the BP oil spill a year ago. His talk was about how it was doing science in the spotlight of media and major corporations. The second talk was given by Dr. Cody Youngbull, a physics professor at Arizona State. He is designing and buliding sensor robots that will measure different oceanographic properties on the seafloor. 


Besides talks, I have been working hard to finish my cell counts for my reserach project. I finally finished last night, around 2 a.m. Now I have to make a presentation for August 31, and take more samples with the CTD casts. I will also be giving a small tutorial on how to make mosaics from the images obtained from the HD video on the cruise. This will be shown to a class in South Carolina.