Entry 3

Yesterday, I helped with the CTD cast. I put on safety gear, helped guide the rosette out into the water, and watched as the profiles of the different properties (like temperature, salinity, fluorescence, ect.) versus depth were formed. When the CTD came back up, some other people and I collected water samples to measure oxygen concentration. I woke up at 4 again, but instead of standing watch for a ROPOS dive I ran an EM 302 survey of the water column looking for bubble plumes. The EM 302 basically detects disturbances in the water column, which can be created by many different things, including bubble plumes. It was interesting to see how such a complicated looking program worked, and I got to catch a glance of an incredible sunrise at sea. It's still very sunny outside, which is wonderful. Tonight there is going to be some coring done, meaning I get to play in the mud. Woohoo!