Entry 7

Yesterday and today have been pretty steady. There is a fair amount of work for me to do, but enough time off for me to sleep a fair amount. My watch changed from 4-8 PM instead of AM, which is really nice. My job for the watch also changed. Instead of logging important events of the ROPOS dives, I am controlling the iris of the HD camera on board. Basically I set the brightness of the camera so it isn't too far white or black. FOr my project, I am now filtering my microbiology samples, so that I can do a cell count with a microscope soon. We still have a fair amount of CTD casts to do during the trip, so I have a lot of work left. At the end of the cruise, I am going to give a short presentation of the work I've been doing. Yesterday night we saw a very rare octopus, which was living about 2300 meters deep.