Entry 8

Last night, the stars were incredible. The Milky Way was even visible. I sat out there for a while, and watched as my night vision got better. It was really an amazing night. Today I worked on preserving my microbial samples for a cell count. There is a fairly extensive procedure for this, and it took me a long time. I have one more step to do, then I can count the amount of cells using a computer program called dapi. Life on sea is still a lot of fun. I could get used to eating as much food as I want, and getting rocked to sleep by the waves every night. My watch was very exciting today too. ROPOS was going through a possible sight for laying the undersea cable, which was recently covered by lava from an undersea eruption. It was so cool to see how the lava cooled and formed quickly on the sea floor. If you are reading this and haven't seen the footage, you should watch the live feed from the VISIONS website. The lava flows have created some unbelievable structures. Hopefully I can see more later!