Entry 9

We saw hydrothermal vents yesterday! After doing two kinds of mosaics of these vents in photoshop for so long, I finally got to see one. I had seen video footage of them before, but it's not at all the same as watching it while in the same area.  I even recognized some of the individual vents from the mosaics. On a different note, I have decided that Vashon Island is strangely well known for how obscure of a place it is. I was wearing a Vashon Crew shirt, and one of the guys from the ROPOS team noticed. Apparently one the ROPOS navigators is from Vashon. That came as a pretty big surprise.


I have taken more samples from two more CTD casts, but I don't know if there are enough filters to do cell counts on the ship. I am probably going to wait until I get back to UW to finish getting the data for my research. I still have to use the dapi software to do my cell counts for the samples I do have, and then I have to put together a presentation for the end of the cruise. All of this should definitely keep me busy for the rest of the cruise.