ASHES Medium Powered Junction Box

This medium powered junction-box (MJ03B) in the ASHES hydrothermal field was installed during the VISIONS'13 expedition. The titanium cylinder inside the frame hosts the power converters, data ports, and communication capabilities to shore via the Primary Nodes.

A 4.3 km cable extends from this J-Box across the caldera to PN3B, where it awaits future connection. MJ03B was installed as a 'subnet' during VISIONS'13 – two short-period seismometers are now connected to it via a 50 m and 1.2 km extension cable, respectively. A also host a cabled 3D thermistor array (a test instrument is shown in this image – triangular shaped frame with blue cables) was also deployed for testing. MJ03B, and all cables and connected sensors were fully tested during VISIONS'13, and are fully functional. During the several hour test period, several earthquakes were detected. 

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