Life at Inferno

Tubeworms, limpets, and other life thrive on the hydrothermal vent Inferno surveyed during dive J2-1092. Credit: UW/NSF-OOI/WHOI, V18.

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Inferno Hydrothermal Vent 2013

The ~ 4 m tall chimney called Inferno in the ASHES hydrothermal field sprouts a very young (< 2 year old) fragile beehive. The beehive structure is composed of very fine-grained sulfide minerals and anhydrite. Lush assemblages of tube worms, palm worms and limpets grow on the outer walls of the edifice. VISIONS '13, LEG 4.

Photo credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF

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Inferno and Mushroom Vents

Down looking mosaic of the ~ 4 m tall black smoker chimneys 'Inferno' and 'Mushroom' in the ASHES vent field. A network of fractures with variable intensity of diffuse flow host white bacterial mats and tube worms. Also shown is a corresponding vertical mosaic of Inferno hosting dense colonies of tube worms and limpets.


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