ROPOS Control Room at El Guapo

The ROPOS control room onboard the R/V Thompson as it works at the 18 m tall (59 ft) actively venting chimney called El Guapo in the International District Hydrothermal Field. Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington, V15.

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ROPOS Control Room 2015

The ROPOS control room onboard the R/V Thompson is a magical place for many where we get to see parts of the ocean never before seen, and first of their kind operations. 

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On Watch in the ROPOS Control Room

Leg 1 University of Washington participants Skip Denny, Katie Bigham and Sam Albertson watch ROPOS' progress during dive R1716.  Each action viewed and recorded on HD video must be carefully logged and documented with still photographs. Photo credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1716; V14.

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ROPOS Control Room Hydrate Ridge

The ROV team, SN scientists and engineers, and UW students gather in the operations laboratory aboard the R/V Thompson during Dive 1605 to Southern Hydrate Ridge during the VISIONS'13 Expedition.

Photo Credit. Mitch Elend, University of Washington.

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