First 3 Days Aboard the Thompson

Day 1

Everything new and thrilling!!!! As we said goodbye to land, I saw a seal on a buoy. Starting to get my sea legs, and so far no sea sickness. I found out during a safety meeting that if I had only one minute to put on a gum suit in an emergency, I would be shark chum. My new hiking boots just wouldn't come off! Definitely plan on braking them in during this cruise. Martha and I helped empty and prepare the rosette on a C.T.D., never expected it to be so fun! The water has been pretty rough, and some of  the other undergraduates are experiencing sea sickness. The food on board is so good!! We also had a really good sunset.

Day 2

The water has been better than yesterday, last night it was very rough. Studying up on identifying the different lava flow morphologies. Had a fire drill this morning. Later on I helped Leslie with creating an excel worksheet for her class.

Day 3

First day of shifts!! Water is once again kind of rough, rather overcast. Worked on identifying lava morphologies with Alexandra in the library. Can't wait to help out with the science on board.