Keith Jiang

Hello, I’m Keith, a freshman trying to get into one of the computing departments in UW. I’ve had no experience at all with things that happens on the ocean before coming to UW; in fact, the field of Oceanography actually sounded alien and novel to me when I first noticed its presence. My experience on the open water began with a cruise out on the Puget Sound in UW’s sailing club: out there I had a completely different perspective to view the world and it offered an extremely interesting experience, which got me totally hooked on explorations at sea, and undersea. For this specific research cruise, the immense volume of information shrouded by the ocean is what interests me most; I enjoy dealing with large amounts of data and extracting valid results out of them. This cruise will also be my first experience on the actual “ocean” and I’m excited to take my first peek at the wilderness that the ocean houses. (Just on a side note, I hike & sail!)
Fair winds!