Last Entry

These last few days have kind of run together. I finally finished compiling all my data for my presentation. I will be giving the presentation tomorrow morning. It will only last around 10 minutes, and I’ve heard that it is fairly informal. Last night starting at midnight there was an exploration dive in a new vent field found on this cruise. Alden Denny was the dive planner and he made all the decisions concerning where to go. He is only 25, so this was a really good experience for him. There was a 50 meter tall vent found, that the cable goes straight over. We are currently transiting back, and going to Victoria B.C. first. It’s a fairly bumpy ride, but fortunately I’m not feeling seasick at all. Getting back to land is going to be strange. I don’t know if I will be able to fall asleep, now that I am used to the rocking of the boat, and I’ve heard that people sometimes get landsick. It will be nice to see everyone again. Also, I am going to have to cook for myself again! I don’t think I will be eating as much when I get back as I have been on the cruise. The food here is phenomenal.


I have a lot of samples and research to take care of when I get back. It is really cool to have my own project started, especially one that I can continue for pretty much as long as I want. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with all the data everyone has compiled from this cruise, and to see where my own data leads me. I have had a truly amazing experience these last three weeks, and I have learned so much. I hope there will be many more research cruises in my future. Thanks to everyone who has been reading these, and I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I have been doing.


Cody Turner