Ahoy, I am Matthew Tomko, aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson for Visions’14 research cruise. I enjoy a variety of things in this life including scuba diving, back packing, hiking, biking, eating, and though some may disagree, I quite enjoy some good old fashion studying. I am headed into my junior year of study at the University of Washington, most likely majoring in Oceanography or Biology (or both) and minoring in Mathematics.  I am very pleased to have the opportunity to be aboard the state-of-the-art research vessel and to watch and participate in some very interesting science.  I have always been interested in how research science in the field of oceanography is conducted, and this is absolutely the perfect time to investigate and satisfy my curiosity. We need the seas in good health now more than ever, and taking part in the research will be a wonderful experience.  There is nothing like the open ocean to get someone excited about Oceanography, except for maybe the sea-sickness.