Shallow Profiler V15

The state-of-the-art Shallow Profiler mooring features a two-legged system that terminates at a 200-m Platform. The 13 ft across platform hosts an instrumented winched Shallow Profiler that travels from 200 m to just below the ocean's surface and a second instrument pod that is stationary on the platform.

The 200-m Platform instruments include the following: pH, Broadband Hydrophone, Fluorometer, CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, 5-beam ADCP, Digital Still Camera, and a 150-kHz ADCP

The Shallow Profiler instruments include the following: CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, pH, Optical Attenuation, Spectral Irradiance, Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Fluorometer – 3 wavelengths, and a Current Meter.

The Shallow Profilers were installed during VISIONS '14 and are each paired with the Deep Profiler and a Seafloor Instrument Array at three study sites: at the base of the Cascadia Margin (Slope Base), in shallower waters along the Oregon margin west of Newport (Endurance Offshore Site), and at the base of Axial Seamount.