From Grays Harbor College to VISIONS16

I have had the good fortune to participate on the OOI VISIONS expeditions since 2013. VISIONS13 was the eye-opener.  I had never been “out to sea” so to speak, except for single day sports fishing for salmon and or bottom fish i

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Bob Collier

I am a marine biogeochemist, studying chemical processes and fluxes at hydrothermal vents and cold seeps for more than 30 years.

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Cole Rogers’ Blog

We were on a weather hold again today when I woke up for my watch, which persisted into the afternoon. ROPOS was going to be deploying a BEP and recovering an old one.

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Cole Rogers

I am a Sophomore student studying Electrical Engineering at Western Washington University. My interest in Engineering springs from my passion for natural sciences. I became fascinated with the ocean when I took a Survey of Oceanography

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Colin Katagiri

Colin is a recent graduate from the University of Washington with an Oceanography BS and a minor in Marine Biology. His research interests include Alexandrium catenella and other harmful algal bloom (HAB) species as well as marine technology and

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