CI Network Architecture - Final Design Review
CI Linkages

CI: Linking the marine infrastructure to science and users

RSN Drawing Tree

Drawing Tree for the RSN showing the network from the University of Washington Operations Center to Shore Station, with associated drawings for major components and references for Assembly, Parts List, and Data List drawings

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure is designed to manage and integrate data from many different sources, including OOI sensors, select ocean community models, and external observatories.

RSN Backhaul System

There will be one shore station for the RSN system in Pacific City, Oregon. The shore station will have a dedicated high bandwidth link called the Backhaul, to a connection to the OOI CyberInfrastructure CyberPop in Portland.

It is anticipated that an existing backhaul system will either be leased or purchased. The system will include one or more dedicated fiber-optic links between the Shore Station and an interconnection panel in Portland, the termination equipment on either end of the fiber optic link, and any repeaters needed along the fiber optic path.

The backhaul system will have one link, POR-PC, between the Shore Station in Pacific City, Oregon (see RSN drawing tree figure) and the Pittock Building in Portland, Oregon. The initial capacity of the BH-PC backhaul system will be 10G b/s: the capacity of the Backhaul link is upgradeable by adding cards in the supplied terminal equipment in 10 Gb/s increments with no modification to the intermediate fiber or repeaters. The supplied terminal equipment will support an ultimate backhaul capacity on the BH-PC link of 40Gb/s.

For more information on OOI Cyberinfrastrucure see the CI Implementing Organization Website