Delivering Live Video from VISIONS 14

Live video transmitted during VISIONS ’14 brings fabulous imagery of exotic life forms at Axial Seamount and Hydrate Ridge to the screens of website viewers around the world. Scientists on shore use the live video and voice-over-IP telepho

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VISIONS 14 Leg 3 Begins

After the last two legs of the VISIONS '14 cruise, which took place at Slope Base and Axial Seamount, thousands of meters deep in the ocean, Leg 3 is going to take place in relatively shallow water. The Endurance Oregon Offshore site is 600

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VISIONS 14 Leg 2 Begins

The R/V Thompson left Newport to start Leg 2 on August 1, 2014, heading for the Slope Base site. We deployed a Low Voltage node (LV01A) and conducted a couple of CTD casts.

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As part of the VISIONS '14 website, we will be posting a variety of artistic expressions related to the oceans.

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When possible, live video will be made available during VISIONS ’14. At other times, a play list of archived video from previous cruises is available. made available.

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VISIONS 14 Operations and Technologies

VISIONS '14 operations are focused on completing installation of the cabled component (Regional Scale Nodes) of the National Science Foundation's Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Work is scheduled at the cabled observatory's six

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