Streambox Media Player Instructions

The high-bitrate video stream direct from the R/V Thompson is being made available to a select number of sites. This video signal is ~ 3Mbps 2/3 high-definition video stream from the satellite. To view this content requires the Streambox Media Player because our material  uses their proprietary codec.

Please note that we have only a limited number of media clients connections available. Accessing this stream has a significant impact on our available bandwidth. We urge you to not share these instructions or the player with others. If parties others than those granted access by us open the player concurrently, it will have an adverse impact on our ability to show video. The general public can view a lower resolution video feed on our website, and you are encouraged to widely share this public link:

Setting up the Streambox Media Player to view the high bit-rate stream is relatively straightforward:

Instructions for the MAC and PC can be found in PDF format see the "RELATED CONTENT" sidebar of the page

Stream Availability  Sending live high-definition video from the sea floor is no small task to accomplish, and there are numerous factors that can interrupt the signal coming from the seafloor to the ship and then via the satellite to shore. Because the video stream is coming from a research vessel that will be underway in the North Pacific, it is subject to weather conditions and ship operations. We will often be operating in an area that is at the very edge of the Galaxy XR satellite footprint. In addition, we may elect to stop the transmission at times to transfer large files from the vessel to shore.

We are happy that we can provide you an opportunity to share in this cruise by viewing this video stream.

Additional Resources  Should you require any assistance with viewing this stream, please contact;

Nancy Penrose, Hunter Hadaway or Mark Stoermer

Social Media   We have an online presence associated with Visions’12. We encourage you to share your experience with the cruise using social networking;

Facebook: Interactive Oceans
Twitter: @OceanObserving, @VISIONops
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