Streaming Issues

We will be streaming live undersea and shipboard video whenever possible. Weather conditions and ship operations may prevent live feeds. We will use Twitter to caption the live video or to indicate whether the live feed is unavailable.

Flash Plugin

You must have the Flash plugin installed to view the live video stream in your browser.

There is a Flash/Mac issue that may affect Mac users who have recently upgraded to Safari 5.1.  If the live video window is blank, try disabling Flash hardware acceleration by right (control) clicking on the video window and selecting Settings -> Display -> and unchecking Enable hardware acceleration. (see images on the right)

error #2048  (cross-domain error)

missing .www in the URL.

Need to have the full URL

Also, use of our old domain….

Can cause the #2048 error

"Server not found"

Try….. Empty cache for browser and reload page …. if that fails … empty cache and restart browser … if that fails you may have to restart your computer to get rid of the flash player process.