Inferno Vent at Axial

Inferno Vent is a black smoker located in the ASHES hydrothermal field on the summit of Axial Seamount.  This video provides a brief overview of one face of this chimney, and then two close ups of the organisms living on the surface of this metal sulfide-rich structure.  Inferno is 10 m away from the chimney called Mushroom, that is now instrumented as part of the Ocean Observatories Cabled Observatory. Here, live HD imagery is streamed live to shore from 5000 ft down and >300 miles offshore. Other core sensors measure the temperature and chemistry of the venting fluids, as well as earthquake activity. Credit: University of Washington, NSF-OOI, CSSF; V15.

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Castle Vent at Axial Seamount

Castle vent, in the International District field on the eastern edge of the caldera of Axial Seamount, is covered with thousands of strands of filamentous bacteria.  

Music: Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie, provided royalty-free by Kevin MacLeod, www.incompetech.com.

Credit: Created by Giora Proskurowski, UW, from footage taken during the ENLIGHTEN  '10 expedition.

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Enlighten '10 Chief Scientist John Delaney provides an overview of the Ocean Observatories Initiative and the goals of the Enlighten '10 research cruise

Produced by Katherine Turner & Carlos Sanchez Edited by Katherine Turner.

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Student Stories

Students on Enlighten '10 describe their at-sea learning experiences.  Produced, edited, and photographed by Carlos Sanchez and Katherine Turner.

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Hugo Solis, UW graduate student in DXArts, describes his art piece that will use sounds collected on the ship, in the water, and on the seafloor during Enlighten '10.

Original soundscape by Hugo Solis; video produced by Katherine Turner and Carlos Sanchez; photography and videography by Carlos Sanchez; edited by Katherine Turner.

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Head Shrinkers

While Jason was out of the water, the science party broke out packages of Styrofoam cups, mannequin heads and colored pens. Cups and heads were decorated with images from the cruise, school logos, cartoon characters, and weather patterns. The Styrofoam art was attached to a cable and lowered to the seafloor (2,600m) where it was compressed to a miniaturized version.  

Produced, edited,and photographed by Katherine Turner and Carlos Sanchez
Music: Kevin MacLeod

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The Weather Report

A combination of satellite imagery, weather forecasts, and experience are critical information in cruise planning.
Produced and edited by Katherine Turner and Carlos Sanchez .

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Jason Recovery

The story of a smooth and successful recovery of Jason in foul weather during Enlighten '10.
Video produced by Katherine Turner & Carlos Sanchez

Edited by Katherine Turner

On Deck videography by Carlos Sanchez

02 Deck videography by Ed McNichols

Still photography by Katherine Turner

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