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Juncrion Box LJ01A About to Descend 9500 ft

The engineeing team from the Applied Physics Laboratory at the UW and the crew of the R/V Sikuliaq prepare the low-power junction box for installation at the Slope Base site near the Cascadia Margin, 9500 ft beneath the oceans' surface. Credit. M. Elend, University of Washington, V16.

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Connecting to High Power Underwater

A 12 pin electrical wet-mate connector on a junction box at the base of Axial Seamount awaits its mate during turning of the platforms and instruments at this site. The oil-filled mates, allow the ROV to disconnect and connect extension cables on platforms, junction boxes, and instruments without bringing the entire assembly to the surface. They are used heavily on our system to reduce operations and maintenance costs. Credit: UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI, DIve J907, V16.

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Dive R1828 Highlights Slope Base Junction Box

Slope Base – LJ01A: During Dive R1828, the low power junction box LJ01A-SN010 (2015) was swapped with LJ01A-2014 and the new instruments deployed (ADCPT-E, CTDPF-B, DOSTA-D, HYDBB, OPTAA-C). Credit:  NSF-OOI/UW/ISS; Dive R1828; V15.

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LJ01A and LV01A

An overhead shot showing the spatial relationship between junction box LJ01A and low-voltage node LV01A at the Slope Base site.

Photo Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive 1735; V14.

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ROPOS plugging in LV01A

The port arm of ROPOS seating the plug connector of RS01W6 to J1 on Low Voltage node LV01A at the Slope Base site.

Photo Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive 1734; V14.

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R1732 Highlights Axial Base MJ03A Installed

R1732 Highlights – Axial Base-PN3A: During this dive, the medium-power junction box MJ03A was installed at the Axial Base site and connected to RS03W3 (606 m) that extends to PN3A. The pressure sensor will be connected on the follow-on leg to the J-Box, and the VEL3D instrument deployed. (00:50)

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