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Final Checkout with Trina

Trina (APL-UW) does final preparation and checkout of a SAMI-pH sensor before the Platform Interface Controller is deployed. Credit: Mitch Elend (UW);V15.

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Power washing a BEP

Kent Fletcher (OSU) uses a power washer to clean external surface of a trawl-resistant Benthic Experiment Package recovered from the EA Shelf (60 m) Site. Credit, Mitch Elend, UW; V15.

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Success on Leg 4 Installations Complete

A before and after image of the fantail on the R/V Thompson the day we left port (August 26) and came back (September 10). In between these two port calls, we came back into Newport and loaded another complete set of gear to install on the seafloor. Photo Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington, V14.

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