Marine Blizzards In Pacific Waters

A "snow storm" of material in the shallow waters (80 m) off of Newport, Oregon prevented the ROV Jason from recovering and redeploying the Bethic Experiment Platform during the first two dives of the VISIONS'17 program. These waters are some of the most biologically productive in the worlkds' oceans. Credit: UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; V17.

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Eye in the Sky View of the Roger Revelle

A view of the R/V Roger Revelle, operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as viewed from a drone flown by Applied Physics Laboratory engineer, Chuck McGuire. Credit: C. McGuire, University of Washington.

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Jason Control Van Leg 2

A view of the inside of the Jason control van at the beginning of Leg 2. Jason is working on the a Benthic Experiment Package off of Newport Oregon. Credit: Z. Cooper, University of Washington, V17.

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Dive Highlights J978 Axial Base

During Jason Dive J2-978, the Shallow Profiler Mooring was plugged in (Jason had blown a hydraulic line the prior dive when its arm got entangled in the EOM cable). Credit: UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; V17.

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Friends on Leg 1

Hanis, Eve, and Monique prepare to disembark from the R/V Revelle at the end of the VISIONS'17 UW-OOI-NSF expedition. Credit: M. Elend, University of Washington, V17.

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