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Life on El Guapo

Near the summit of the ~16 m-tall El Guapo chimney, sulfide worms  and tubeworms colonize the younger part of the new sulfide growth. Credit: UW/NSF-OOI/WHOI, V18.

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Strange Seascapes in the Deep

A beautiful ropey, jumbled sheet flow covers the seafloor at ~1500 m beneath the oceans' surface at the summit of Axial Seamount. The lava was erupted in April 2011. Credit: UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; J2-980; V17.

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Looking into a Skylight

A skylight in the April 2011 lava flows shows where lava had drained out in the subsurface, leaving a cavern. The front porch of the ROV Jason is in the foregound. UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; J2-980; V17.

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Looking Inside a Cavern

The ROV Jason looks into the remnants of where a lava pond once formed. Most of the roof has subsequently collaped. Water depthe here is ~ 1500 m. UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; J2-980; V17.

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Remnants of a 2011 Lava Lake

During Jason Dive J2-980, the remnants of multiple lava lakes from the April 2011 eruption of Axial Seamount were encountered. The bathtub rings mark the progressive lowering of the "lake". Credit: UW/OOI-NSF/WHOI; J2-980; V17.

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Ancient Columns of the Deep

Columns in a collapsed area that once hosted a lava lake are reminiscent of an ancient city. "Bathtub" rings mark lowering of the lake as lava drained out. Fossilized drips of lava are preserved hanging from the ceiling. A rattail fish explores the site. This is part of the 2011 eruption at Axial. Credit: UW/OO-NSF/WHOI; J2-980; V17.

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