ROPOS Deploy

In the dark of night, ROPOS with the tool basket mounted beneath, eagerly awaits its mission.  A cruel crane operator, hidden the shroud of darkness(bottom left), holds it tauntingly dangled over the water, a meter from the glory of immersion.

Photo Credit: Trevor Harrison, University of Washington, V14

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ROPOS removing ROCLS brake

The port manipulator of ROPOS ROV removing the brake from the ROCLS cable laying system at the Axial Base site (2600 m depth).

Photo Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF, Dive 1738, V14

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Empty ROCLS spool

The empty ROCLS spool on the seafloor at Axial Base, after laying cable AXVMW4 from LV03A to the deep profiler site.

Photo Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF, Dive 1737, V14

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ROCLS Drum Near Seafloor

The ROCLS cable drum a few meters above the seafloor as it is being lowered by the R/V Thompson's trawl wire. The drum contains >15,000 feet of extension cable. Photo credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive 1727; V14.

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ROCLS Drum Lowered on Trawl Wire

The ROCLS cable drum with >8000 ft of electro-optical cable is lowered on the R/V Thompsons trawl wire for deployment near PN3B. ROPOS will launch shortly, and acquire the drum with a sonar at ~ 600 ft beneath the surface. Near bottom, an acoustic release will free the drum to rest gently on the seafloor so that ROPOS can latch into it and begin the cable installation at Axial Summit. Photo credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington, V14.

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ROPOS Team Guides ROCLS to the Seafloor

Keith Shepherd, ROPOS Operations Manager, and ROPOS Pilot Kim Wallace, guide the R/V Thompson into position to deploy the ROCLS drum onto the seafloor at 5000 ft water depth to begin installation of the 4.6 km extension cable. ROPOS later will latch into the ROCLS drum and begin the cable lay. Photo credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington, V14.

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