Scaleworms on Mushroom vent

Two scaleworms roam among the Palm Worms and Limpets at Mushroom, one of the hydrothermal vents at ASHES vent field on Axial Seamount.  One worm shows its usual pinkish red color (at left), while the other is coated with a fur-like layer of filamentous bacteria. This image was taken with the RSN HD Video Camera during its test on the seafloor during VISIONS 13.

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Axial Status 2013

During the VISIONS'13 Expedition, three subnets were completed at this site (highlighted in blue). They include: 1) a medium-powered J-box MJ03B in the ASHES hydrothermal field, which is connected to two short-period seismometers; 2) an HD camera also in the ASHES hydrothermal field; and 3) a medium powered J-box MJ03E connected to two short-period seismometers. Over 20 km of extension cables, with lengths up to ~ 5 km, were successfully installed in 2013 using the ROV ROPOS. All extension cables and subnets were fully tested and are functional, awaiting to be connected to Primary Node PN3B. The remaining infrastructure will be deployed in during VISIONS'14, next year.

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Benthic Flow Meters Deployed

During the VISIONS'13 Expedition, two types of flow meters (CAT and Mosquito) were deployed at the summit of Southern Hydrate Ridge near the Einstein's Grotto active seep site – each instrument has specific ranges of flow that they measure. They will be recovered in 2014, providing year-long records of flow into and out of the sediment. Photo credit: OOI-NSF/UW/CSSF.

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ROPOS Taking ROCLS and Cable Drum to Seafloor

During ROPOS Dive 1611, the ROV latched into the remotely operated cable laying system (ROCLS) hosting a drum with an RSN extension cable ready to be installed. In concert, these two systems successfully installed >22,000 m of extension cables on the seafloor during the UW-OOI-NSF VISIONS'13 expedition.

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ROPOS Control Room Hydrate Ridge

The ROV team, SN scientists and engineers, and UW students gather in the operations laboratory aboard the R/V Thompson during Dive 1605 to Southern Hydrate Ridge during the VISIONS'13 Expedition.

Photo Credit. Mitch Elend, University of Washington.

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ROPOS and Taking Tool Basket to the Seafloor

With ROPOS's heavy lift capabilities and industry style latch system on its underbelly, it is able to safely take heavy loads to the seafloor. During the VISIONS'13 Expedition, ROPOS takes two short-period seismometers to the seafloor in the tool basket at the start of Dive 1617 to the caldera of Axial Seamount.

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ROPOS Installing Secondary Node

During the UW-OOI-NSF VISIONS'13 Expedition, the remotely operated vehicle ROPOS installed three medium power J-Boxes (secondary nodes) utilizing their special 4,000 lb heavy lift capabilities. ROPOS took this RSN J-Box down on dive R1601. The broad feet on the J-Box are used for installation in heavily sedimented areas. This was an unusually calm day at sea in the NE Pacific.

Photo Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington.

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Leg 4 Team Photo

The team photo for Leg 4 on one of the forward decks of the R/V Thompson. The hills outside of Victoria BC are in the background.

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