The Longest River

In April 2013, John Delaney, OOI RSN Director and Principal Investigator, traveled to Brussels to participate in a performance of The Longest River: An Arts, Music, and Marine Science Fusion. This event was held at the Eglise du Saint-Sacrement and was sponsored by the Marine Institute of Ireland, Culture Ireland, and Tourism Ireland as part of the celebration of Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of European Union.

The phrase "the longest river" refers to what is known as the oceanic conveyor belt. This is a conceptual term referring to the massive flow of water through the upper and lower portions of the global ocean basin over a distance of nearly 18,000 km from the Atlantic, to the Indian, to the Pacific Ocean–easily "the longest river" even if it flows within the "banks" of ocean water…

Video available here.

Program available here.