Theme III The Ocean Observatory Initiatives Cabled Observatory on the Juan de Fuca Plate

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Theme III: The Ocean Observatory Initiative's Cabled Observatory on the Juan de Fuca Plate

1.    Understanding the Planetary Life Support System: Next Generation Science in the Ocean Basins (Lecture)
          PART 2:  Overview of the OOI-RSN

2.     A Fiber-Optic Telescope to the Deep Sea (Article by N. Penrose)

3.     Map of the RSN: planned and future nodes

4.     Regional Scale Nodes: The Cabled Component of the NSF OOI

5.     Primary Infrastructure

6.     Primary Nodes

7.     Sensors and Moorings: Overview

8.     Moorings

9.     Cables

10.   Connectors

11.   Conduit Drilling

12.  The Cable Has Landed