Theme IV Axial Seamount

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Theme IV

Axial Seamount: an Active Undersea Volcano on the Juan de Fuca Spreading Ridge

  1. Axial Seamount (article by W. Chadwick and others)
  2. Volcanic Action at Axial Seamount (article by E. Davis)
  3. Bathymetric Map of Axial Seamount
  4. Bathymetric Map of Axial Seamount Caldera 2011
  5. Undersea Volcano Eruption Found off the Oregon Coast (by ChillyManjaro)
  6. Surveying the Slopes of Axial Seamount
  7. Finding the New Lava Flow
  8. Hawaiian Lava Flows (National Geographic TV)
  9. Pillow Lava Formation
  10. Collapse of Pu’u O’o Caldera During March 5 Eruption (2011) (USGS)
  11. ROPOS Dive 1466 Highlight Video (VISIONS '11)
  12. ROPOS Dive 1467 Highlight Video (VISIONS '11)