Theresa Whorley

Senior project

Theresa Whorley is a graduate student studying marine geology and geochemistry at the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography. She received her B.S. degree in Geology from the University of South Florida and is currently researching the response of methane hydrates, or frozen methane “ice” found beneath the seafloor, to modern climate change. Her interests lie in examining the various ways that geology, chemistry, and biology come together to co-dependently impact marine systems in the deep ocean and below the seafloor. Theresa’s main objective on the Southern Hydrate Ridge leg of the VISIONS’17 cruise will be to deploy and recover two benthic fluid flow instruments that continuously capture the chemical and fluid flow history of water passing between the seafloor sediments and the ocean above. When she is not at sea, teaching, or in her laboratory, she can be found knitting, reading, or walking through the neighborhoods of Seattle, utterly lost.