V 16 Overview and Goals

The Cabled Array cruise (SKQ201610S), July 10  to August 14, 2016, is the second Operations and Maintenance expedition for the cabled component of the National Science Foundations’ (NSF) Ocean Observatories Initiative. The cruise will use the remotely operated vehicle Jason, onboard the R/V Sikuliaq for this 39-day expedition.  All Cabled Array sites will be visited.

The cruise is highly complex with a diverse array of ~113 instruments, nine junction boxes, and six instrumented pods on the Shallow Profiler Moorings  to be recovered, installed, and tested. The cruise will also include recovery and reinstallation of the Deep Profiler Moorings at the Endurance Offshore and Slope Base sites and recovery of the third Deep Profiler Mooring at Axial Seamount.